With the increase in the cost of living these days, selling your home can be a rather costly exercise. Many consumers are considering selling their own properties and not making use of a registered agent.

However, the pitfalls associated with this course of action could end up being more costly than the actual fee paid to your agent and in some cases have dire consequences for both the Seller and the Purchaser.

If you are considering selling your own home and you have a Purchaser who is willing and able to proceed, Mike Cadem will assist you with the documentation and process of instructing attorneys and monitoring your sale through to registration at a greatly reduced fee.

He is not bound to any specific areas and is experienced in the sale of plots, agricultural holdings and townhouse developments as well as normal residential properties.

If needed, finance for the Purchaser can also be arranged with any of the major financial institutions, obviously subject to the Purchaser qualifying for the loan.

For more information in this regard contact Mike on 082 454 7525 and discuss the way forward with him.

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